Pastor's Message

Our Offering

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

Offering of Thanksgiving

On 6 August 2017, the church will celebrate her 128th anniversary during the Sunday worship. As we reflect on the history of the church, it is evident that the hand of God is at work. He rises His servants and children at different and appropriate times for good work. In fact, the church has many unsung heroes who have faithfully completed the task entrusted to them by the Lord. For these heroes, we offer our gratitude and thanksgiving.

Offering as a living sacrifice

God calls His children to serve in different ways – some are called into full-time service, while others are still seeking, and some have joined the ranks of other ministries. In July this year, Jasper Ngoh, Timothy Ang and Bernard Chng (who has just completed his three-year Master of Theology (M.Div)), have all begun to preach in the church.

Tan Beng Ting and Ong Tham Kwee responded to God's call many years ago and have moved and is serving in East Asia. Anna Ang has also a burden for East Asia, and will serve as a missionary at the end of July.

Offering of Prayer

We are all children of God and witnesses of the gospel. Regardless of where we are – whether within or outside our country, we have the responsibility for missions. Prayer is an important and specific action in support of missions. Let us offer our prayers sincerely for full-time preachers and missionaries.