Pastor's Message

Reflections from Festival Celebrations

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

The year-end school holidays is a popular travel period for many Singaporeans. Parents, families, and friends would travel abroad together. Christians are no exception. Therefore, there is a noticeable decrease in attendance of worshippers in church during this period. As Christians, apart from celebrating cultural festivals and adhering to tradition, we also should value the festivals celebrated by the church and understand the significance behind these festivals.

Advent is the period of time that is important in the church calendar. The purpose of the Advent is to honor Christ Jesus, who came to earth upon God's promises and looks forward to the return of the last days. Today, Christians are looking forward to the coming of Christ Jesus in their lives and are keeping a watchful eye on the good times facing the return of the Lord.

Therefore, Advent helps believers make spiritual preparation for the New Year and live a life that is centered on Christ Jesus.

Christmas is one of the key festivals in the Christian calendar. The word "Christmas" consists of the words "Christ" and "worship (mass)". Therefore, "worship of Christ" is the central meaning of Christmas − on the one hand, it celebrates the incarnation of Jesus and, on the other hand, welcomes Christ as our newborn king.

We celebrate this festival as a celebration of a new life to be gained through Christ, and we should also follow Christ and share the life of Christ with others.

New Year and Chinese New Year

The New Year symbolizes a new beginning and new hope, and everyone is looking forward to a new year of progress and growth over the previous year. Christians can take this day to renew their covenant with God.

Our action

Let us slow down by the end of the year, arrange for a quiet time before the Lord, and look back in the months past with faith. It is not by chance that everything that has happened this year is the act of grace and the plan of the Lord.

In the New Year, let us be determined to rely on the grace of the Lord, to reconcile with God, to be with our family, and to bring others to God.