Pastor's Message - April 2017

Have you eaten your fill?
Rev Chua Ooi Suah

Have you eaten your fill?

This is a common greeting among many Chinese (especially the elders) when they meet. This manner of greeting which originated from our dialects makes me think of some biblical records related to eating.

Eating and obeying the commands of God

The first biblical record of eating was recorded in the Garden of Eden. This is when our human ancestor, Adam, ate the "forbidden fruit". The act of eating the fruit reflected his disobedience to the command of God. When man chooses not to let God be their master, the relationship between God and man and between man and man becomes acrimonious.

Eating and witnessing the providence of God

The Israelis wondered about the wilderness for 40 years. They ate the manna from heaven. Eating the food of heaven is a witness of God's power and love (John 6: 31). We eat with the heart of thanksgiving, because everything comes from God.

Eating and developing a good relationship with God

Jesus said, "I am the bread of life (John 6:35) and said that His flesh can be eaten (John 6: 55-56). Eating "Jesus' flesh" signifies that we are living in Jesus. Because Jesus lives in us, we develop a relationship with Him and as such have life through Him.

Eating and experiencing the love of God

Jesus appeared to His disciples after the resurrection and asked: "Do you have anything to eat?”

Jesus did not treat his disciples with a tone of reproach and preached to them. Neither did he rush to explain the theological meaning of his resurrection to them. Rather, Jesus is more concerned about the basic needs of the body – have you eaten?

Jesus' practical advice helps to solve the plight and needs of the disciples, and commanded them to spread the net on the right side of the ship. The result is a miracle as they obtained a net full of fish (John 21: 6).

Have you eaten your fill?

Today Jesus is still concerned about our spiritual life. He also cares about the needs of our lives. He cares for our entire being. Let us, through the daily "eat and drink", taste of the fullness of the grace of our Lord. Amen!