Pastor's Message

Reclaiming the Methodist way of Life

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

Experience the Path of Grace

In the past few years, our church has embarked on a structured way to practice the Methodist way of life as a disciple. Through worship, Bible reading, prayer, communion, fellowship, and other means of grace, we help our faith community to pursue holiness and live out holy love.

Experience spiritual renewal

Every year in May, we revisit the heart-warming experience of John Wesley. His experience from spiritual valley to spiritual awakening and renewal by the Holy spirit is a source of encouragement for us. We beseech the Lord to let us experience spiritual renewal on our journey of faith.

Experience growth in fellowship

The growth of our faith cannot be done alone. We need to be connected to others in the community of faith. Whether we are connected to others through the small groups, a fellowship, or even a camp, we can experience the grace of fellowship among Christians. This fellowship will promote the growth of our spiritual life through mutual care and encouragement.