Pastor's Message

Between the family members….

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

The Bible emphasizes the harmonious relationship between God and man, and also the harmony among family members. In the Philippians 4:2-3, Paul advised two sisters to be united in the Lord. The relationship between family members needs to be nurtured constantly.

I once read a short passage "a little bit more and a little less". This inspired me to think of how we can develop a harmonious relationship between members of in our families and in the church. Here are some of my views:

- a little more dinner, a little less TV;

- a little more appreciation, a little less criticism;

- a little more smile, a little less black face;

- a little more care, a little less apathy;

- a little more listening, a little less complaining;

- a little more patience, a little less impatience; and

- a little more communication, a little less suspicion.

If our families are children of God, let's learn together:

- a little more worship, a little less gossip;

- a little more praying, a little less assertion; and

- a little more Bible reading, a little less time with the computer.

In short, we need to rely on the grace of the LORD: a little more practice, a little less high-profile.