Pastor's Message

Feeling time

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

Time flies by at an astonishing rate. We just ushered the new year in January, celebrated the Lunar New Year in February and soon we will enter the month of April. April is an important month in the church calendar as we commemorate the season of Lent, Good Friday, and Easter. These are very important events to the church. In August this year, Telok Ayer Methodist Church will also celebrate our 130th anniversary.

When God created man and animals, He made them different by equipping man with the ability to “feel” time. We are able to experience the passage of time in our existence, to understand historical events from the past to present and to reflect on them. As Christians, we should have a deeper experience and sensitivity towards dates and time of festivals and anniversaries so that we can use our time to reflect upon these events and give thanks to God for this ability to “feel” time.

During Holy Week this year, let us reflect upon the suffering and resurrection of Christ and also meditate on the theme of the church: Peace with the world. In this way, we can feel more deeply about the significance of Christ's redemption of the world. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit would move the hearts of man.

In addition, let us ask God to teach us to count the days of the past 130 years and reflect on His leading. May we have the wisdom to see the handprints and footsteps left by God in the past years, so that we may fear Him more.