Pastor's Message

Stay at Home

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

"Stay at home" is the most common advice during the severe outbreak of COVID19.

People did not expect to be "forced" to stay at home because of the virus outbreak. Even healthy individuals are encouraged to work from home where possible. Is it good to stay at home for a long time? Or is it bad? Well, it varies from person to person. Perhaps we can all keep these things in mind while we are at home:

· Spend more quiet time reading and praying, and less time busy playing games on the mobile phone.

· Spend more time communicating with your family, and less time catching up with television series.

· Spend more time helping with the housework, and less time forwarding unverified text messages.

· Spend more time . . , and less time . . . (complete this according to your own situation and needs)

Prayer: Pray for the Lord’s help, especially during Holy Week and Easter, when we have more time to stay at home, may our homes have altars for worship. Pray that we will spend more time to develop spiritually and to develop healthy relationships with our family members. In the name of the Jesus Christ our Lord, amen!