Pastor's Message

It all starts with the Family

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

The theme for the church this year is: Peace with the family. One of key objective is to teach believers to be an ambassador of peace within their families. According to the Bible, God values ​​the family, and His salvation plan is for the whole family so that His blessings can be upon the children and grandchildren.

The family has an everlasting impact on children. A conducive family environment will shape our lives and mind positively. A dysfunctional family could result in distortion of one’s character and mind.

The family functions like a school. As children grow, they experience many firsts in schools. They learn to adhere to school rules, learn how to learn and also to get along with others in school. Similarly, children learn from their parents at home too. They learn to walk, and learn how to speak at home. Parents are the first teachers to their children. Parents also have to responsibility to shape the character of their children. As such, parenting is closely related to teaching and learning.

The family functions like a church. A child’s first exposure to our Christian beliefs is likely to be led by the parents. For a start, parents can model and teach children to say grace before drinking their milk. From a single word, to a single sentence, and finally to a complete prayer, parents can teach children to pray to God. Parents are "shepherd" at home to teach children about the ways of God.

Parents have great responsibilities to teach the next generation about God. The church can only play a supporting role in this journey. Parents have to teach their children the truth from the Bible. These lessons will become the greatest blessings of their lives.

This coming November, the church will further expound on ways to promote harmony between family members, how to put aside time for family prayer, and how to set up a family altar... Let work together to build our families as a household of faith.