Pastor's Message

Where are you?

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

Pentecost falls on June 4 this year. This festival celebrates the formal birth of the church. Whether we are celebrating the birthday of the church or our personal birthday, the purpose is to remind us where we come from and also to determine where we should go in the future. As such, we have to know our current position: Where am I?

Where are you?

The first question God asked mankind is: "Where are you?".

God's question to the fallen Adam (the representative of mankind) (Gen. 3: 9) is not that God does not know where Adam is, but emphasizes that God is concerned with our relationship with Him.

Let us self-examine: how far am I from God?

Escape from the Lord

After committing a sin, Man is often filled with a sense of shame and fear. Man will begin to avoid the Lord. They did not dare to come to God and this is the terrible consequences of sin. When the Lord God calls out to Man and says to him, 'Where are you?', God actually knows where Adam is hiding, but He is still calling Adam to take the initiative to find him and let Adam return.

Let us self-examine: when will I avoid God?

I'm afraid

If you have not sinned, you will have no fear. The act of sin brings about brief pleasure, satisfaction and excitement, but it brings greater emptiness, thirst and destruction, and fear.

Let us self-examine: what have the depths of my heart recently been afraid of?

God is love

After God has created mankind, He has taken the initiative to take care of His people. God loves His children with an eternal love.

God cares about the inner part of our life, and He longs for us to have a good healthy relation with Him.

Let us respond to God and say, "Here I am, willing to accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I want to return peacefully to the embrace of the Father, and enjoy peace and good rest."