Pastor's Message

Whole-hearted and Genuine Prayer

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

When the early church was faced with the crisis of persecution, what did they do? The early worshippers not only held emergency meetings to discuss how to deal with the confrontations with those in power, they gathered for prayer meetings to witness to others. The church today ought to learn from the example of the early church.

First, the focus of prayer is to share the work of God.

The apostles focused their attention on God and not on their own needs. When everyone heard about the miracles of God, all of them united and praised the nature of God: Creator (Acts 4:21) and Redeemer (Acts 4:28).

Second, pray for God's provision of courage and power.

When faced with intimidations, the apostles did not escape reality. They asked God to monitor the condition of their soul, and pleaded with the Lord to give them the courage to overcome the fear in their hearts so that they could continue to preach the gospel. They also prayed that the Lord would allow the miracle to convict the hearts of people to know the name of Jesus (Acts 4:29-30).

As we celebrate the upcoming 130th anniversary of Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church, let us unite and pray with one heart and one mind!

When we pray for the Lord God to change the world, the Lord will respond. However, He would often first change the heart of the person who prays.