Pastor's Message

Celebrations during the Pandemic

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

The year 2020 will go into history as the year of the pandemic. We lived our lives differently during this period. All festive celebrations, including Christmas and New Year, will be different from previous years. Perhaps the different ways of celebration will make it unforgettable for us.

During the pandemic, online gatherings, worship, fellowships, and meetings became a part of life. On the one hand, we are grateful that technological advances have helped to connect people while being physically separated. On the other hand, some are worried that online gatherings and worship might become the new normal when we operate in that mode for too long. Personally, I have gradually become accustomed to online “activities” instead of face-to-face communication.

Whether we are celebrating a festival online or offline, it is important to remember the original meaning and motivation of the festival. For Christmas, we celebrate God’s love for the world that is active, dedicated, and is an unconditional sacrifice. This holiday reminds believers how they have been loved. At the same time, we also want our life to be a channel of love, deliberately caring for the neglected and forgotten people around us.

As we look forward to 2021, besides being thankful for the special grace we received during the pandemic, we must be grateful for the opportunity to experience and survive 2020. Let us make good use of the transitional period between the new and the old ─ during New Year's Eve, let us give priority to returning to God. We can slow down, be quiet, count our blessings, and wait for the Lord to seek those new missions and new goals in the new year.

The pandemic cannot stop us from living out the spirit of the festival. Drawing close to the heart of the Lord will definitely be unhindered. Let us all rely on the Lord to face tomorrow!