Pastor's Message

Loss and Gain

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

The COVID-19 pandemic has confined us to our homes. During this period of time, we have both “difficult” and “different” experiences. I have some reflections about gains and losses during this period.

With the temporary suspension of physically meeting and worshipping together in church, we lose the opportunity to meet together for corporate worship. I believe that many of us are waiting and looking forward to that day when we can return to our spiritual home and worship together. The hopeful soul is a gain.

When we lose the freedom that we usually have, including going to the hospital to visit relatives, participating in the funeral of beloved family members and other daily activities, we start to understand that we have taken our freedom for granted. This opportunity for us to learn the value the freedom is a gain.

As we live in this period of restrictive (and restorative) regulations, let us choose to take on a spiritual perspective. What kind of lessons does God want me to learn during this special period? Is He shaping our lives like refining gold?

Let us believe that what we have lost, God replaces it with Himself. This may be the biggest gain!