Ripples From the Bay June 2022

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TACMC Worship 崇拜

All are welcomed to attend, no registration is required.

华语 Mandarin 9 AM - TA2
证道 Sermon

英语 English 1.30 PM - TA2
证道 Sermon

厦语 Hokkien 11 AM - TA2
证道 Sermon

印尼 Bahasa Indonesia 11 AM - TA2 Music Room L2

Relocation Notice:
With effect from 2 Oct 2022, the Bahasa Indonesia & English worship services will move from TA to TA2.
• Bahasa Indonesia worship time will be at 11 am, level 2 Music Room
• English worship time will be at 1.30 pm, level 3 Sanctuary
直落亚逸礼拜堂 印尼语/英语崇拜将从 10 月 2 日起,搬迁到直落亚逸第二礼拜堂。
印尼语崇拜时间为上午 11点正,2 楼音乐室
• 英语崇拜时间为下午 1 点30 分,3 楼圣殿

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Pastor's Message

Good-bye 2022

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

We are about to bid farewell to 2022, and I believe that people around the world are even more eager
to bid farewell to the days of coexisting with the coronavirus. We hope to return to the life before the
pandemic as soon as possible.